Making a difference

In the World

For the future and prosperity of Angola

Who is TreeforTimber ?

TreeforTimber is a organisation who combine all industries off the timber process together, from cutting the tree, milling, drying, develop consumer goods locally and sell to the retail market in Europe and US, by adding the workmanship, craft as well the office jobs in Angola. This way we create many new long-lasting jobs. We have 20 years experience in setting up new business and production processes mainly in Asia and Europe. This is the moment to move our focus to Afrika and Angola in general. The organisation will be managed by Tino an Angola native, who has lived 21 years in The Netherlands and by Arjen and Dennis from the Netherlands

Mission Statement

Our goal is to develop a long lasting business were profits are equaly shared. Contributing to local employment by education programs and creating jobs. We stand for fair trade and business, working with natural products, we think its important to preserving our planet and we are going to operate sustainability in the timber industry in Angola!



We as TreeforTimber are working with the Angolan government and the European community to provide solutions to the high unemployment rate in Angola and to train people in Angola to be self-sufficient and to be able to work. Since we already have a lot of expirience with setting up the complete production process of different businesses and organisations, we aim for the same strategie in Angola, we would like for as much as it is possible that the entire process is managed by and for the people of Angola. All of the knowledge and experience that is not there in Angola we try to get the best people from all over the world and let them train the people in Angola, so that as well as TreeforTimber benefit so do the people of Angola. We are also working on a social level in Angola in supporting various schools and in laying better infrastructure to the inlands of Angola and focussing on renewable energy in different places in Angola.

Varieties of Wood

We specialize in wood and wood products from Angola. Angola is rich in many varieties of wood, we process all types of wood you can find in Angola and we do our utmost to select the best types and qualities of timber and dry the wood in a safe and secure drying chamber, so that there is fewer waste and disposal of wood and we maximize our wood yield, so that we can cut down fewer trees for the same yield! 

Local citizen working

Working together

Tino is the one who had a vision about working and contribiting in Angola and also with the contacts in Angola, Dennis is the person with the enormus business network and expierence in international trade and Arjen is the one with the most expierence with different cultures and people around the world, he is also the glue of this organisation and he will be able to make all the people work together as a team!